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  • News Release: 5/8/2020

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    May 08, 2020


    CONTACT:  Linda Ong, Senior Communications Specialist

    EMAIL: long@brightonco.gov

    PHONE: 303-655-2146 (o) | 303-746-2036 (m)

    Use caution dealing with wind-damaged trees

    Trees in Brighton may be damaged as a result of recent winds. The City of Brighton would like to remind residents to use caution when dealing with damaged trees.  If you would like to hire a tree company, please go to www.brightonco.gov/forestry to see the list of approved/certified tree companies.

    Here are some tips when dealing with wind-damaged trees:

    • Check for hazards. Before approaching a tree, examine your surroundings to avoid making contact with downed utility lines or standing under broken, hanging branches.

    • Assess the damage. If a tree is healthy overall and still possesses its leader (the main upward branch), most of its major limbs and 50-percent or more of its crown, the chance is good for a complete recovery.

    • Remove broken branches. This minimizes the risk of decay and insects or diseases entering the wound. Prune at the branch collar (the point where a branch joins a larger one) and be mindful of potential pent-up energy if the branch is twisted or bent.

    • Don't over-prune. With the loss of some branches, a tree may look unbalanced, but most trees quickly grow new foliage that hides bare areas.

    • Don't try to do it all yourself. If the job requires running a chainsaw overhead, sawing from a ladder or removing large branches or entire trees, contact an insured, certified arborist.

    The Colorado State Forest Service offers a guide to dealing with storm-damaged trees at http://static.colostate.edu/client-files/csfs/pdfs/FINAL_Storm_Damage_Quick_Guide.pdf.

    Brighton residents may call the City’s Parks and Open Space Department at 303-655-2048 to make an appointment to drop-off limbs at the City’s free limb disposal site (Brighton residents only, no contractors). 





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    Linda Ong, Senior Public Information Officer
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