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  • Starting a Business in Brighton, Colorado

    The City of Brighton is committed to the achievement and success of new businesses in our city. The City of Brighton has created a proactive, efficient, and progressive procedure to help new and veteran entrepreneurs navigate licensing and permitting procedures professionally and effectively.  The following outline will help identify what steps you need to take in order to get through this process quickly. 


    All new businesses go through a review to determine if the business is allowed to operate at the address that has been chosen, if the building is safe for patrons, whether the specific business will require special fire protection services and a few other code assessments.


    To initialize a review for a new business license, you will need to present the following standard submittal requirements to the One-Stop Customer Service Center (CSC):

    • License Application Form – one original copy
    • Affidavit of Lawful Presence Addendum Form – one original copy
    • Utility Survey Addendum Form – one original copy
    • Floor Plan – one copy, 11” X 17” minimum (24” X 36” maximum), showing the layout of the business space, where furniture will be placed, for what purpose specific rooms will be used, entrance/exits of the building, etc. 
    • Copy of Driver’s License (Business Owner)
    • Copy of Lease Agreement or Proof of Property Ownership

    A permit technician and/or planning technician will be available to help you identify what additional paperwork (if any) will be needed for the license review.  In some instances, special license addendums are required for unique businesses that may require extended or more comprehensive reviews.  These instances are identified below for your reference – if your business falls into one of these categories, that license addendum form can be submitted simultaneously with your applications above.  Please note – these license addendums may include additional submittal requirements for that addendum, as noted on the form:

    • Sales Tax Addendum Form – required for retail sales
    • Home Occupation Addendum Form – if you’re planning to operate your business from your home
    • Specialty License Addendum Form – required for unique business that include any of the following uses:
    • Vendors – if you’re selling from ice cream carts, peddling or soliciting door to door, or if you have a mobile vending truck selling goods in the city
    • Entertainment -  if the business will have a dance floor, live entertainment, coin-operated amusement devices (such as juke boxes or gaming devices), pool tables and/or bowling alley
    • Service – if you are a merchant guard, massage therapist, auctioneer, or other service provider
    • Sundry License Addendum Form – required for other distinctive businesses that may include any of the following uses:
    • Massage Parlor
    • Pawn Broker
    • Group or Foster Care Home
    • Sexually Oriented Business (adult book store, adult theatre, etc.)
    • Background Investigation Addendum Form – may be required with special licensing – please see individual submittal requirements for each of the special license addendums listed above.


    Once you have submitted all the paperwork for your new business, a permit technician will schedule associated reviews and inspections to determine what steps will need to be taken to get you open for business.  You can expect a cursory review/inspection outline within 3-5 business days. The technician will contact you when the results from your license review/inspections are returned. The information provided to you at this time will tell you what improvements will need to be completed on the building. Some examples may include, but are not limited to:

    • Correct dangerous elements in building construction
    • Install fire sprinkler or fire suppression system
    • Bring public services into ADA compliance
    • Install backflow device or grease interceptor
    • Bring parking and/or landscaping into compliance

    If any construction work is required to bring the building into compliance with current codes, a building permit may be required to complete the necessary work.  A permit technician will be available to explain your review/inspections comments and will help you determine what steps you need to take to move forward.  Once your building and grounds are in full compliance with the municipal codes, a certificate of occupancy can be issued for your business.   



    License and permit fees vary depending on the type of license and/or the scope of construction planned.  Licenses are valid for one year from the date of issuance.  Generally, the following fees will apply:

    • License Application Fee - $25 (may be more for some special licensing requirements, as noted on the application forms)
    • License Fee – varies depending on the type of license (as noted on the forms)
    • License Inspection Fee - $50.50 – includes initial inspections of property for licensing
    • Permit Fee – based on valuation (materials plus labor) on scope of required work
    • Plan Review Fee – 65% of permit fee
    • Use Tax – sales tax on materials associated with permits pulled in Brighton - 3.75% of 50% of the valuation

    All forms, questions, and general comments or recommendations for process improvements are welcomed and encouraged.  You can contact 303-655-2017 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to speak to a permit technician.  All of our forms and applications are available on our website at www.brightonco.gov by visiting the Administrative Division page under the Community Development Department. 


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