• Anythink Libraries and Ballot Issue 6A

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    October 23, 2019
    October 23, 2019

    The Brighton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is pleased to share its support of Anythink Libraries and Ballot Issue 6A.

    Anythink provides Adams County residents with the exceptional public libraries and services they deserve. Not only does Anythink support children and families in Brighton, but they also support small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking workforce development resources.

    In 2018, more than 1.1 million community members visited an Anythink branch; visitors checked out 2.2 million books and videos. Over 80,000 people attended classes, concerts or other special programs. Anythink accomplished all of this with fewer than 160 staff across the district, including management and support staff.

    The important work being done by Anythink Libraries is happening at the same funding level they have had since 2006. 

    With nearly 90,000 new residents moving to Adams County in the past 10 years and   nearly 43,000 new residents projected over the next five years, Anythink’s ability to continue delivering excellent library services will become increasingly difficult. Four of Anythink’s seven branches are currently closed on Monday, and only one is open on Sunday, meaning children and families don’t always have access to the library when they need it. With only 128,000 square feet of physical space district-wide, they do not have space or resources to meet the demands for more books, hours, programs and staff. This summer, children’s programs created for 40 attendees had more than 300 kids participate, impacting the experience for each child despite the hard work and flexibility of Anythink staff.

    With additional funding, the library would renovate Anythink Brighton to expand the children’s area and move the teen area to curb current noise issues. It would also increase the number of programs available for all ages, including resources, workshops and partnerships that benefit the business community. Funding would allow them to improve technology offerings, including increasing the number of items like laptops and hotspots available for checkout.

    Because we believe in the library’s mission to open doors for curious minds – and the benefits the library provides to businesses and individuals – we encourage you to vote yes on 6A this November.
    Board of Directors
    Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau
    22 South 4th Ave., Ste. 205
    Brighton, CO 80601
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