• Best Companies Group Celebrates Inclusive Workplaces for July 2023

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    September 01, 2023

    Best Companies Group Celebrates Inclusive Workplaces for July 2023

    July 26, 2023

    Best Companies Group, in collaboration with COLOR Magazine, is proud to announce the recognition of businesses that have demonstrated exemplary commitment to fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging in their work environments through the Inclusive Workplace Program. This acknowledgment is not a ranking or competition, but rather a celebration of organizations that surpass our data-driven benchmarks to promote inclusivity.

    The program, initiated last fall, assesses participating companies through comprehensive surveys and data analysis. Areas of evaluation include inclusion, belonging, psychological safety, community, and purpose. "This program highlights the real strides companies are making in cultivating inclusive cultures that help all employees feel valued and engaged," said Jaime Raul Zepeda, Executive Vice President of Best Companies Group.
    Recipients of this recognition have shown significant commitment to ensuring all their employees feel included, heard, and valued. Their commitment to inclusive work environments has had meaningful impacts on employee engagement, retention rates, and brand recognition. The companies recognized this year serve as beacons of inclusive culture within their respective industries, demonstrating the immense benefits of prioritizing belonging and inclusivity in the workplace.

    Best Companies Group extends its heartfelt congratulations to these businesses for their successful efforts in cultivating diverse and inclusive work environments. The dedication and effort of these organizations to foster inclusivity is commendable and sets a new standard for companies worldwide.

    "These companies serve as an inspiring example of what it truly means to create a workplace where everyone feels like they belong and can bring their full serves to work. Their commitment and their actions are paving the way for a better and more inclusive future," Zepeda added.

    We eagerly anticipate the continuing progress and success of these organizations as they continue to promote inclusivity and belonging within their workplaces.

    To review the full list of winners, go to: https://bestcompaniesgroup.com/programs/inclusive-workplace-program/recognition-list/

    About Best Companies Group:
    Best Companies Group is an independent research firm specializing in identifying and recognizing the best workplaces all around the world.
    Press Contact:
    Jaime Raul Zepeda
    Sarah Haertl, Marketing Director
    shaertl@ccu.org, (303) 978-2274
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