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    New Client Consultation With Complete Blood work
    Let's test, not guess!
    Complete comprehensive bloodwork and receive a 75- minute consultation to review findings. 

    If you:
    • have been to your doctor and they have told you, "everything is normal", but you dont feel good
    • have been newly diagnosed with a health change like diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver or high blood pressure
    • have been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition
    • feel like your thyroid is sluggish, but have never gotten an answer
    • gain weight easily, but struggle to take it off
    • struggle with consistent energy and have poor sleep
    • just want to know more about your health and body
    this is a great way to evaluate the body and determine where your body needs support.  

    Comprehensive labs include:  CBC; CMP; Vitamins D and B12; hormones including cortisol, testosterone/ DHEA, complete thyroid with antibodies; HgBA1C/ insulin; inflammation markers, lipids; and iron panel.  Consultation will be done by zoom and you will receive your lab results and recommendations based on any findings.

    Normal price:  $386; Chamber discounted price:  $330
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    Offer Valid: December 18, 2023December 31, 2023
    Brighton Chamber of Commerce
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