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    Free Car Wash and 25 % off ANY Memberships
    Free Car Wash = A Clean Car = A Happy Driver!
    We are excited to announce a partnership to receive a special deal on car wash memberships with Car Wash USA Express!
    This exclusive offer includes ONE FREE CARWASH & 25% off any wash membership, including:
    • 25% off Monthly Unlimited Memberships – no contracts
    • 25% off 6 month & Annual Unlimited Memberships
    • 25% off a Car Wash 5 Pack (these make great closing gifts)
    Click to take advantage of the exclusive offer.
         https://carwashusaexpress.com/partnership/   Code 249
    Your vehicle will look & feel much better following a convenient 3-minute express wash:
    • All locations have free vacuums and floor mat cleaners 
    • Tires and rims are cleared of debris and protected from UV radiation, improving lifespan
    • High-quality wax products protect your exterior, prevent water damage & rust
    • Clean windows and windshields improve visibility and make driving safer
    • A clean, well-maintained vehicle helps maintain a professional image for clients & customers
    Click the link below to take advantage of this exclusive Unlimited Wash Club Membership offer!  Its quick, It’s easy and it’s for everyone to have and use.
         https://carwashusaexpress.com/partnership/   Code 249
    Contact Information
    phone: (980) 288-9491
    Offer Valid: August 7, 2021August 9, 2024
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