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    Why a Holiday Shop Local Campaign is Good for Business (and the Brighton Community)

    As a small business owner, you may be wondering if participating in a holiday "shop local" campaign is worth your time and money. After all, between decorating your storefront, hiring extra staff, and stocking up on inventory, you've already got a lot on your plate this time of year. But the truth is that a well-executed shop local campaign can bring a host of benefits to both your business and the community at large. From the Brighton Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau, here's a look at some of the reasons why you should consider participating in a shop local initiative this holiday season.


    Kick-Start Your Holiday Shopping Season


    One of the big advantages of participating in a holiday shop local campaign is that it can help kick-start your sales for the season. Oftentimes, these campaigns are timed to coincide with major shopping holidays like Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. By aligning your promotions with these key dates, you can get shoppers in the door early and set the stage for a successful holiday season.


    Promote Your Business


    Participating in a shop local campaign is also a great way to promote your business to new and existing customers. Many initiatives offer promotional materials like signage, posters, and social media graphics that businesses can use to spread the word about their involvement. This is an excellent way to raise awareness about your company and its products or services—especially if you're launching something new this holiday season. And since many campaigns encourage customers to shop at multiple businesses, you could see an uptick in foot traffic even if people don't make a purchase right away.


    Here’s another time-tested tip you should try: work with local businesses to create a comprehensive gift guide that promotes local shopping. Simply create a Word document filled with product images and sales info, then use this free tool to convert Word to PDF. Then, each business can send out the gift guide to their email lists and make it downloadable through their websites. This will do wonders for spreading the word about the campaign and benefiting everyone involved–including shoppers looking for deals! 


    Reward Loyal Customers


    Don't forget about your loyal customers who already shop with you on a regular basis. Chances are they'll be happy to support your involvement in a holiday shop local campaign, especially if you start a customer loyalty program. But why not sweeten the deal even further by offering them special discounts or promotions? You could also host some giveaways or contests in your store. This will show your appreciation for their patronage while also encouraging them to spread the word about your business to their friends and family members.


    Support Each Others' Business Through Joint Marketing and Co-hosting Events


    Many businesses find that they can support each other through joint marketing and co-hosting events. By working together, businesses can promote their products and services to a wider audience and share the cost of marketing initiatives. Joint marketing can take many forms, from co-branded advertising to sponsored social media campaigns. And co-hosting events is a great way to generate buzz and build relationships with potential customers. When businesses work together, they can accomplish more than they could on their own.


    Use the Shop Local Campaign to Give Back During the Holidays


    The holiday season is a time when many businesses ramp up their marketing efforts in an attempt to lure shoppers away from their competitors. However, businesses can also use this time of year to give back to their local community. One way to do this is to launch a shop local campaign. This can involve providing support for local charities or offering discounts and specials at local businesses. By showing that they care about their community, businesses can build goodwill and encourage shoppers to support them during the holiday season and throughout the year.


    Your business can help the community through a shop local campaign. When customers know that their purchases support local businesses, they are more likely to buy from you. Plus, your shop local campaign can also educate customers about your products and services. Start planning your shop local campaign today!

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